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    Bollywood Superstar Shilpa Shetty has won Channel 4's reality TV show "Celebrity Big Brother" and bagged an estimated 100,000 pounds (almost Rs 9 million) in prize money. The results didn't come as a surprise because the leggy Indian star was tipped as the favorite to win.

All for a song !
by Minguel Braganza

    It was a great day for those who are associated with St.Mary's Convent, St.Britto HS, St.Xavier's College & HSS and Mhapsa and Aldona Constituency.

    If music is the song of the soul, then `End of Innocence’ by Kismet and Lethal Ethel marked an evening of raw talent, emotion and a new live sound that speaks strongly the language of social concern.     

'I'm just a gun for hire'
by Elaine Lipworth

    In her new film, Meryl Streep plays the super-bitch editor of a fashion magazine. Another Oscar is being talked of. But according to the actress, the world would be in a much better state if women were in charge.

    Goan pop star makes audience dance to his tunes

    Vivek Moitra had pusher contacts in Goa. The police, however, deny there is cocaine going around at Goa parties. “I have been to some celebrity parties in Goa and I can vouch for it that cocaine is not served. This happens more in the metros,” says deputy inspector general (DIG) of police Ujjwal Mishra.     By Devika Sequeira, Deccan Herald, Bangalore

    Brown isn't exactly Nabokov. Yet, faith must trust its own resilience, says MARIA AURORA COUTO          

    Hospitality major Hotel Leelaventure Ltd is launching India's second floating casino in Goa. Current government guidelines do not allow casinos on land. Hence, the idea for a casino at sea.     

    Says Vir Sanghvi, Editor of Hindustan Times

    Holding rave and trance parties at all public places will be banned in Goa after 10 pm. The government has also decided to halt all beach     parties after 10 pm.

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